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Your True Moroccan Experience

Five-Course Meal

• Traditional Lentil Soup
• Salads Marrakesh
• B’stilla Royale

• Your choice of the following:

Tangine of Chicken Lemon and Olives
Braised chicken served with preserved lemon sauce and olives

Tangine of Chicken Honey and Prunes
Served with light honey sauce, almonds, prunes & sesame seeds

Tangine of Lamb with Eggplant
Braised lamb in ginger, saffron and garlic sauce with fried eggplant

Tangine of Lamb M’Rouzia
With onions and raisins simmered in a light honey sauce

Tangine of Spicy Lamb
With roasted potatoes, peas and carrots in a tomato cumin garlic sauce

Tangine of Braised Hare
In cumin, paprika, garlic and ginger sauce

CousCous Marrakesh
Steamed semolina grains topped with lamb or chicken and seven vegetables

CousCous Vegetarian
Steamed semolina grains topped with seven vegetables

CousCous T’Faya
Steamed semolina grains topped with onions, raisins, chick peas and ginger sauce

Moussaka Vegetarian
Layers of eggplant with cheese ina a bed of tomato garlic sauce

Breka Vegetarian
Stuffed phyllo dough with mousseline potato, chopped green onions, parsley and cilantro

Marrakesh Vegetarian Delight
Assorted sauteed vegetables served on a bed of Basmati rice

Brochette Marrakesh
Grilled, marinated morsels of beef, served with Basmati rice

Catch of the Day (your choice of preparation)
A. Baked-in tomatoes, bell peppers and garlc paprika Sharmoula sauce
B. Served with mushrooms, red onions and capers in a creamy garlic sauce

Special of the Day

• Dessert – Mint Tea

$21.95 per person

Royale Feast Dinner

4 persons or more
Includes Specials of the Day
Please inquire

$23.50 per person


Mechoui is a whole lamb cooked in a spit over a charcoal fire. Choose half, or a quarter of a side. This is a highly esteemed national dish which is generally prepared by at “CHOUAYE” (a professional cook), sho delivers it piping hot. One then only has to season the pieces with a little cumin and salt and enjoy the result.

8 persons or more — 3 days notice

$32.50 per person

Royal Banquet Rooms Available

Catering your favorite feast dinner for all occasions. Please Inquire.

Groups of 6 or more, 18% gratuity added to bill.