Ala Carte Menu

Ala Carte Menu

Tangine of Chicken Lemon and Olives Braised chicken served with preserved lemon sauce & olives — $13.50

Tangine of Chicken with Apricots Served with apricots, apricot sauce & sesame seeds$12.95

Tangine of Lamb M’Rouzia With onions and raisins simmered in a light honey sauce$16.50

Tangine of Braised Hare In cumin, paprika, garlic and ginger sauce$15.95

Tangine of Chicken Honey and Prunes Served with light honey sauce, almonds, prunes and sesame seeds$12.95

Tangine of Lamb with Eggplant Braised lamb in ginger, saffron & garlic sauce with fried eggplant$16.50

Tangine of Spicy Lamb With roasted potatoes, peas & carrots in a tomato cumin garlic sauce$16.50

B’stilla Royale$7.75

Salad Marrakes$5.95

Traditional Lentil Soup$3.50

Couscous Marrakesh

Steamed Semolina grains topped with seven vegetables that come with:

With Lamb$15.95

With Chicken$13.95


Couscous T’Faya$11.95
Steamed Semolina grains topped with onions, raisins, chick peas and ginger sauce

Moussaka Vegetarian Layers of eggplant with cheese in a bed of tomato garlic sauce — $12.25

Marrakesh Vegetarian Delight Assorted sautéed vegetables served on a bed of Basmati rice — $11.95

Breka Vegetarian Stuffed phylo dough with mousseline potato, chopped green onions, parsley and cilantro — $11.95

Shish Kabobs of Marrakesh

Served with Basmati rice

Grilled Marinated Leg of Lamb$17.25

Grilled Marinated Morsels of Beef$15.50

Grilled Marinated Boneless Chicken$13.95

Catch of the Day (your choice of preparation)Market Price
– A. Baked in Tomaties, bell peppers and garlic paprika smarmoula sauce
– B. Served with mushrooms, red onions and capers in creamy garlic sauce



Home Made Baklava$3.50

Fresh Fruit Salad$3.00

Moroccan Pastries$3.00

Moroccan Milk Pudding$3.00